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Starters Main Courses Desserts
Creamy shellfish soup with chunks of fresh fish, white wine and cream. kr.1890 Creamy shellfish soup. Chunks of fish, white wine, cream kr. 2890 Skyr. Omnom chocolate, cookie kr. 1890
Traditional Icelandic meat soup with lamb and vegetables. kr.1890 Oven baked ling. Parsnip, sundried tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables kr. 3390 Moms rhubarb cake. Whipped cream, oats, berries kr. 1690
Cured salmon with pickled cucumbers, salad, dill mayo and Icelandic dulse. kr. 1890 Fillet of cod. Angelica, garlic, carrots, mashed potatoes, root vegetables. kr. 4090 Crème brûlée. Strawberry- lime sorbet, burnt butter, blueberries kr. 1890
Fresh salad.Tindur cheese, dates, roasted nuts, berries. kr. 1790 Creamy penne pasta. Fillet of fish, salad, parmesan, nuts kr. 3690 Brownie. Toffee, oats, vanilla ice cream, strawberries kr. 1790
 Scallops. Artichokes, apples, raisins. kr. 2290 Fish of the day. Please ask the waiter. kr. 3990 “Icelandic” Affogato. Ristretto coffee, vanilla ice cream, Björk birch liquor kr. 1890
Fillet of lamb and slow cooked shoulder. Root vegetables, potatoes, glaze kr. 5200
Beef tenderloin. Green pepper sauce, asparagus, potatoes, mushrooms, root vegetables kr. 5500

Tasting menu

Cured salmon, pickles, dill mayo and dulse
Réne Muré Signature Pinot Gris 2013

Cod head soup
Réne Muré Signature Pinot Gris 2013

Fillet of lamb and slow cooked shoulder. Root vegetables, potatoes, glaze
Vicars choice Saint Claire Merlot 2011

Cheese. Pickled vegetables, birch syrup, walnuts
Björk Icelandic birch liquor

Skyr. Omnom chocolate, cookie
Las Moras late harvest sweet wine

Price pr. person kr. 9900 Served only for the whole table, minimum 2 persons.
Selected wines with everything kr. 6900 pr. person


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Family owned and operated

Old Iceland is a family owned and run restaurant in the heart of Reykjavík.
We pride ourselves in providing a friendly atmosphere and good local food.

Our main focus is serving fresh Icelandic fish and meat. We use spices and herbs that grow wild in Iceland and incorporate them into our dishes and the outcome is something unique.



“So good I went twice.”
“A little gem in Reykjavik !”
“Cosy atmosphere and authentic food”

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